Transportation in Indonesia | an intermezzo

10 February 2017

So, you’ve decided to visit Indonesia and now you’re doing a research on how to commute from one place to another, here i will tell you optional ways to easily commute in Indonesia apart from conventional taxi or renting a motorbike.

are you afraid of being cheated on price ?

are you afraid of being taken somewhere else which isn’t your destination?

As a foreigner, sometimes those question sparks our mind, and here i will tell you several ways to commute along with tips and trick. First of all, you need an internet connection and Indonesian phone number. After both requirements met, you’re good to go.

Online transportation is a flourishing business in Indonesia. It is now becoming a choice to commute while in Indonesia. Here are the list of online transportation which you can try to use while commuting in Indonesia.

  1. Go jek

Go Jek is an online based transportation which offer   commuting service by motorbike or car. It also offers food service, courier ,ticketing  and etc. To experience Go jek,All you have to do is download the application in playstore or appstore. Then register your number and an email ,voila! you are good to go.

Go Jek  is available in major cities such as  Jakarta, Bandung, Bali, Surabaya, Makassar, Yogyakarta, Medan, Semarang, Palembang, and Balikpapan.

So, in the main page you’ll see several options as in Go ride, Go car, Go food, and etc.



on the left you can see the main page.


To use motorbike service all you have to do is  click the Go-Ride.  Next, Pin point your pick up place and your destination.


There are two type of payment: Go pay or Cash, As a foreigner, the option you have is Cash, so don’t  worry. You only have to pay the amount based on the application. And In the end of the journey, you have to rate the driver from one to five stars.


in terms of price, it’s cheaper than conventional transportation plus you don’t have to bargain or haggle. If you’re lucky, you can get english speaking rider, or driver especially in cities like Bali or Yogyakarta.

2. Grab Car

Grab car is a car service which allows you to pick three different services. There are grab car, Grab taxi, and Grab rental. The unique thing from Grab rental is that you can rent a car for 6 hours with fixed price, fuel and driver included. Just like any other online transportation, you have to download the application, register yourself and you’re good to go. according to its main site, Grabcar is available only in Jakarta and denpasar Bali, however, it is now also available in Yogyakarta. There are three types of payment, with Grab Pay,  Credit/debit card, or Cash. However, I personally haven’t tried this because there aren’t many cars in my area.

3. Uber


Well, i bet people is familiar with Uber but in Indonesia we  have Uber motorbike. Uber is available in 6 cities ; Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Bali, Malang and Yogyakarta. My boyfriend and I tried uber while at Bali and it’s definitely cheaper than a conventional taxi, the rider will call us to make confirmation of order and will pick us up. Usually there’s a slight delay due to traffic so patience is all you need. From our experience using uber in Bali, there are some spot which uber driver won’t pick you up or won’t go because the local has put a sign which prohibit uber driver to pick up or drop off a passenger. However, we are glad with our experience in using Uber while at Bali. Uber Car doesn’t available in yogyakarta, however they have Uber motorbike which is currently growing in number.

4. Say Taxi

Okay so this application is available in Orlando, Tampa, cocoa, Miami, klang Valley ( malaysia), San jose (Costa Rica) and Combaitore ( india) and in Indonesia it is in Yogyakarta.

This is actually an  online application integrated with conventional taxi .The only difference is that you can book it online although the price would be on Taximeter. The application only estimate the price but it’s not a fixed price sometimes, it can be more cheaper or more expensive.

The cars range from blue , black, white chevrolet and also a toyota alphard. We use this taxi a lot because it’s reliable and the drivers are friendly plus we don’t have to call, just do it online and someone will pick us up. Just like a normal taxi, we can ask them to stop or wait for us while we are shopping.

So those are the online transportation which can be your optional choices while in Indonesia. However, you need to have patience while waiting for the driver or rider to pick you up, due to traffic jam and long red lights in Indonesia. I hope it helps and for further information, comment below or simply visit their main website

Bon voyage





Seven days in island of gods| part IV

17 january 2017

we woke up to  a sunny day with moderate temperature as we decided to visit a cultural park and a temple. According to google it was located 30 mins ride from our hotel and as usual, we finished our breakfast and get ourselves ready. We completely dressed like a tourist with T-shirt printed Balinese dance and pattern. We thought it wasn’t hot so we didn’t apply any sunscreen.

The road in bali is lethal, as if none care whether they’d be alive or dead the next day. This was a whole new experience as i live in java where the police road are strict. In bali, you can ride around without a helmet, as i witness several rider myself, well maybe this only applies to locals not foreigners nor other than balinese. I have to drive very carefully though my boyfriend said my driving skill is totally awful. I couldn’t agree more, as i am still traumatized by an accident i had last year and that bring a huge impact.

Okay, so we drove to visit Garuda Wisnu Kencana, unfinished cultural park but still worth to visit for seeing bali above the ground. In this park you can see a 75.5 ft high statue of Vishnu and a Garuda, a mythical bird companion of Vishnu. In this park, you can also see a lotus pond and a balinese theatrical performance. The entrance ticket for foreigners is about 100 Idr all included. But for those who love to do adventure, don’t put this on your list because it’ll completely waste your time.

Next, we visited pura uluwatu, a temple which was built at the edge of 70 meter rocks facing towards the sea. The entrance ticket for this temple is about 15000 idr rupiah. before entering the temple, the visitors have to wear a cloth to cover their knee;This is to respect the holy place. The temple is inhibited by naughty monkeys who will fearlessly steal your belongings, so if you decide to visit this place it’s best to be extra careful with glasses, cute sandals, keychain or your camera. However, don’t worry as you’ll have 30% chance to get your things back as the temple provide “monkey whisperer”, they are the people that can control the monkey and knows their habit very well. let alone the monkey, you will be mesmerized by the ocean view and the magnificent temple.  I really recommend this place to be in one of your list while visiting bali.

As we return to our hotel room, we just realized that we got a sunburn. I got a sunburn all over my face and hands meanwhile he got sunburn around his neck, hands and knee. So that night, we decided to buy sunscreen and sunburn cream. We had a fun time over the park and pura uluwatu.



Seven days in Island of Gods | Part III

16  January 2017

We finally get our motorbike in our third day in Bali s

Soon after we finished our daily breakfast at hotel. It is only a typical western breakfast: a bread and a jam. to be honest I barely felt full so i have always eat a bit too much during lunch or earlier, blame my asian tummy. We started our journey at 9 and reached the office about fifteen minutes after. fast forward, we finished our business there and standing clueless outside the office.

” where do you want to go?” i asked

” I don’t know, you’re the indonesian”  he replied while brushing off his hair

” okay, let’s back to hotel and figure something out”

I decided to go back to hotel and  we went back to our room. Most of attraction sites are located farther from the city well because mainly they are beaches and mountain.  I googled over places which we should visit through tripadvisor but nothing sparks our curiosity. So we decided to look for restaurant for dinner and he found one over jl kartika.

Jl kartika in bali is lined up with restaurants and bar and  as crowded as legian or seminyak. There we find El Greco, a restaurant which served Greek food. To reach our destination,we relied on google maps a lot and i often find myself taking a U turn because we missed the place. Just like El Greco, it was a small restaurant located in Jl kartika and to spotted it, we have to ride very slowly until we find a small blue board sign with the restaurant name.

So,This was my first time tasting a Greek food. We went there because he wants to eat kebab and it said to have the best kebab in town. As i parked the motorbike on the road, The owner greeted us and asked whether we want to dine in or take away.The place has a romantic ambient with several cushions table set and pictures of Greece hanged on the wall. We ordered quite a lot , a complete buffet: appetizer, main course and desert. The owner chatted every now and then to make sure we have a great experience at his place. By the end of our dinner, they served us a complimentary drink which tasted like a mixture of lemon and a beer. From what i have observed, several guest were already regular and they keep coming back when they are in Bali. To sum up everything, we enjoyed our dinner here, we got ourselves very full and we satisfy our sweet tooth.However, that restaurant was the most expensive one while we stayed at Bali. We ended the day by feeling accomplished and full.