Is it too much to ask?


It was a sunny day but in my world it was always gray. But Once there was a time when everyday was always sunny,

what the fuck is happening?
Sometimes, I could get my shit together, trying to figure out life and make dreams.
another times, I would just lay, sit or whatever , scrolling to memes all over my instagram and cry.
Crying is a daily routine that I shouldn’t miss
I would do it till i feel tired and fall asleep.
I am exhausted feeling this way all over again.
I try to be better everyday but small things often triggered me.
It probably takes only 2 minutes to ruin the whole thing
and It takes minimum a fucking week to get back and clear my mind from the mist.
I don’t know if I am feeling better or just in a point where i don’t care about life anymore.
Insecurities, Anxiety,and other shitty feelings keep coming to me.
I am trying my best to look like  happy
but most of time, I failed
I don’t want to bring negativity all over my circles
I tried to hide, I tried to be happy but it was all temporary.
Worst thing, I am afraid to push my closed one away.
I am in a battle with my mind and heart.
sometimes, I would think that he doesn’t really deserve this,
That there are so many beautiful and happy individual out there
but he chose me
I know that if i constantly being in this condition, I might slowly pushed him away.
I never want that to happen, not in a million years.
I just don’t know what to do to overcome this feeling.
I don’t know..
I don’t even know why i feel this way
Everything is perfect
A loving boyfriend, A loving bestfriends and freedom.
what more that I want?
 maybe I put high expectations
then I slowly realize nothing last forever
and It fucking hurts
I seen shit in my life, the not fairytale story.
People leave and I hate that.
I just wished they simply never leave.
Is that too much to ask?


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How to Extend Tourist Visa on Arrival in Indonesia

11 February 2017

Note : Each rules in Immigration office might be different, so it’s best to check their website. However, sometimes what’s written in the website is rather confusing. This article is written based on current experience while extending a VOA ( visa on arrival) in Indonesia.

Visa on arrival is given to 62 countries by paying  35$ after you land through several major airports or harbor in Indonesia. Unlike free visa, VOA is extendable up to the next 30 days. Meanwhile, Free visa is given to 90 countries for only 30 days stay and non extendable.

Dealing with Indonesian government officers can be exhausting so it’s best to add up some patience in your vocabulary otherwise you can use VOA agent service but of course it’ll cost.

I browsed over google  but unable to find a correct ways to do visa extension as it was outdated and the rule have changed. After I browsed, I decided to use the suggestions on those website to be our basic guidelines.

We extended a week before the visa expires, This is important. It is best to do it seven days before the visa expire because it’ll take about 3-4 days work day to process your request. We picked Yogyakarta as our choice to extend the visa. There isn’t much applicants so likely it’s faster than in Bali or Jakarta. However, be ready with bitter service and lack of good explanation, especially if you don’t speak Bahasa Indonesia.

Here are several things which you need to extend VOA in Indonesia

  1.  Photocopy of your front page passport
  2. Your passport ( this will be held in immigration for the process)
  3.  Photocopy of your  VOA page
  4.   Your VOA receipt
  5.  Photocopy of your return ticket
  6.  A form which is obtained in the immigration and free
  7.  And A pen to fill out the form 🙂

According to several blogs we read, they wrote that we need a sponsor,a local resident who is willing to give us the signature and guarantee our stay in Indonesia. So based on this, we decided to contact our bestfriend and asked for her photocopy ID (KTP) and asked her to come with us to the immigration offices to make things simple.

important note :  Come as early as possible for the first day and dress properly  par example, in yogyakarta, you have to wear long pants with t-shirt.  Even in the main gate, there’ll be a sign of ” How to dress” and what not.

Day 1

We entered the immigration office around 9 which was already overcrowded by Indonesian who apply for passport. We asked the front officer about extending a visa. Then, they lead us to the special room for foreigners. Before that, don’t forget to pick queue number. Next,  we filled the form which was given by the front officer and also attached  necessary documents along with our sponsor ID card.  Then, We went back inside and put the map on the stack and wait.

Suddenly, the officer call us up and said that we don’t need to fill the sponsor name and sponsor related field because our purpose of staying is tourism. Then, we picked a new form and filled it with information but leaving the sponsor section. Next, the officer gave us a receipt which was written a date of when we should return to take a photograph and the passport.

The  bottom line is if you visit as a Tourist, you don’t need a sponsor.

Day 2

Since we applied on Thursday,  The officer asked us to be back on tuesday as Saturday and Sunday they are closed. This time, all we have to do is back to the counter, confirmed our receipt, and make payment in the cashier located inside the office. As soon as we’ve done the payment they will ask us  to wait for photograph and fingerprint scanning. We were waiting about half hour to get the things done. As we finished taking photograph and fingerprint, the officer asked us to be back on the next day exactly at 1 pm

Day 3

Finally, all we have to do is placing the payment receipt on the stacks and wait for our name to be called. after the officer called our name, all you have to do is write your name and the passport number on their books. Voila, you get your passport back  and ready to begin other adventure in Indonesia.


1. The officers speak limited English which is difficult for us to understand. Especially to fill in some form. To avoid unnecessary things, just follow what they say.

2.  Best to bring water, lunch and full charged phone because it’ll be boring

3. Be fearless because sometimes they can be bitter.

4. Proper dressing seems to be a thing, and you have to follow it but you’re maybe ” OK” to wear sandals as it won’t be visible from the counter

5. Again, You don’t need a sponsor for Tourism Purpose.


Bon voyage











Seven days in Island of gods|Part II

15 January 2017

The weather was good enough for us to walk around. we came to Bali in a wrong time, rainy days instead of summer but heck it was hot enough to make us sweat like a pig. First day we decided to go to his ultimate goal while at Bali so we were walking along  Kuta road to beach walk  while enjoying a bit of the sea view sadly he isn’t beach person. Whenever i tried to make him walk to the beach, he would say “no”.

Beachwalk is filled with international shop brands line up just a few steps away from the beach. like normal common mall, it is filled with restaurants, clothing and small food stalls however,things which made it attractive is the garden and the sea view. There is several restaurants rooftop which offer sunset view; only if you’re lucky enough. The price of food and beer was normal. Our normal standard changed a bit while traveling to Bali, because compared to Central Java , the price is 3 to 4 times higher. We tried to catch a sunset at one rooftop restaurant which were so close and has a good view compared others.

There i spotted few foreigner chilling with local beer which taste like shit, previously we tried it during dinner and we vow not to have that anymore. There’s bunch option of beer and spirits, why would they choose that one? odd enough i spotted one foreigner filled his small cup with redbull and took picture of it. i just shook my head in an awe, incredible!So basically, he went to that place only to take a picture of small cup redbull and get going.

Then, we spent an hour enjoying the view, before the place he’d like to go closed as we have to walk.  we passed through jalan seminyak, 6 times to bali i’ve never hangout to this place which was filled with gift shops and small restaurants. it’s a famous place for foreigners and we barely seen any locals except balinese. As i walked with him, none offering us anything well which is good cause we don’t really have any time for that.

our destination located remotely around jalan nakula, just next to a bridge but heck it was a lot of walking and voila!!!



we forgot it was ” SUNDAY”

Okay so actually that place is open but the thing we’re about to do can’t be done on Sunday. We wasted an hour walking in sunlight with no result and he’s still won’t give up unless it’s done. So we decided to go back to hotel and figure something out ; like renting a motorbike to the hotel. It wasn’t available in the morning so we had to wait. Back in the hotel my legs feels numb and i bet he was too. So we decided to asked the receptionist for the bike and they said they have it by morning and we both were so relieved to know we won’t be walking that far.  Still we ended the day by hoping to visit the same destination and he won’t obviously give up until what he wants fulfilled.