An experience to be Bule in Indonesia | Indonesia travel

6 February 2017

Retelling my boyfriend experience as a Bule in Indonesia.

What is Bule?

Why the fuck people here calling me BULE?

Let  me tell you something, Indonesia is simply like any other Southeast Asian country where majority  people think a white Caucasian is superior. for example, in tourism spot, you will get special treatment and special price to enjoy the same fucking things as any other domestic tourist.

So, Bule is a term to refer white Caucasian, no matter where you come from as long as you’re white, tall, blond and looks different than majority people here, You’ll be called “ Bule”. Being a Bule comes with benefits especially for singles out there who are fascinated with Asian culture and wanted to marry or having relationship with one.

Do not be surprised if people stare at you from top to bottom if you’re visiting south east asia for the first time; it just how it is. If you happen to walk with an Asian , here are several mindsets and stereotype that people will have for that asian:

  1. He/ she is your tour guide
  2. He / she is a gold digger
  3. He /she is not good looking enough and fits perfectly to be your housemaid.

If you think that you’re not good looking in your country, welcome to the country where you can be a model and earn some cash. For them, no matter how odd you’re dressed, you’re still good looking.

However, people will refer you as “ Mister” “ Miss” or whatever that is but will say “ Bule” behind you back. For example, I went to Borobudur which was overcrowded by students who happen to make me proud and famous for a day. They were interviewing and asked my picture. I took bunch of selfies with them and randomly signed their paper without even have to speak a word. My girlfriend was annoyed due a wave of random people asking me pictures. I teased her by saying it was a jealousy. Well, but behind us they were murmuring something like

“ minta foto sama bule itu” which roughly translated as “ ask to take a picture with that bule”

They were simply showing me the camera and I simply understood what they want. So I took a pose and enjoy my fame for a day.

Getting a girl as a bule here is a piece of cake. You don’t have to do any big effort, there’ll be bunch of girls coming on your way and ready to be friends with you. However when it comes to shopping, you’ll be amazed of how things are totally cheap  but as you get accustomed to  Indonesian lifestyle in general you’ll realize that it’s not that cheap at all.

Mall is your one of  favorite spot to go apart from beautiful beaches because that’s where you can get Air conditioned space in a freaking hot country. As Indonesia is getting more advanced, you won’t have any trouble getting around.

Don’t be surprised if people ask you to try “this” and “that”  because they want to show some hospitality and to show  how the culture works. By the end of your visiting you’ll miss several food which you’ve tasted in Indonesia. Unless you dine in at Mcdonald, Pizza hut or KFC 24/7.

As a Bule, people will smile at you, trying to know where you from and stuff. One more thing, do not expect to be famous in Bali because it’s already overcrowded with the same kind of yours especially Australian. However, if you visit places like Yogyakarta or Java, the chance is higher to be famous.

Bule is considered to be smart, though in reality You’re dumb as fuck. So, enjoy your stay in a country where you can be the good part of you and leaving your reality behind where you were unloved and considered dumb.

As you’re into the culture and the lifestyle, doing the same exact thing like everyone else will leave everyone in an awe. Even it’s the simplest thing to do like maybe

“ I’ve just poop on Asian toilet style”


they’d be like “ wow”

It’s truly a heaven for Bule looking for escapades from their mundane life. I mean, you were nobody there and here, You’re suddenly good looking, rich, and smart plus if you’re single, you’ll get a girl within a week or two.

So that’s all folks

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Happy travel and stay safe !


Seven days in island of gods| Final chapter




21 January 2017


One more day before college start!!

The last day at Bali….

My boyfriend and I spent amazing week in Bali, we got to know each other more. We had  little fuss all the way especially when it comes about direction. I was the one who drive and he was my navigator. I sometimes couldn’t hear him so i often missed place or  a turn over.

Bali is simply amazing, i could never get enough of it and wished to settle there for like 2 or 3 years then move to another place where it is as equal as heaven.

The only thing i did in the morning was packing and voila! we carried excessive baggage. We did simple shopping because we weren’t carrying enough clothes and we have to buy and dressed up like a tourist. We also purchased some Balinese coffee. We came earlier to the airport  and roamed around. It was actually a bad idea because there was nothing much to do other than visiting the shops and walk around from one corner to another. I got so bored here while waiting for the flight  while my boyfriend spend a lot in the toilet.

When it comes to eating, it’s like a lottery, especially for a traveler who wished to try food from street stall. They should be careful, prepare your diarrhea medicine as early as possible. Also, bring your own napkin as it is always the best option since most of restaurants are bit stingy. I think people need to increase their hygiene level because it’s bit uncomfortable getting sickness while traveling.

If you come from colder countries, never ever forget a sunscreen and sunburn lotion, you will need and rely on this a lot. We really regret to not bring those items with us and as a result, we got sunburn and didn’t even seem to heal any sooner.

Bali definitely worth your time and your money. It offers more than just a stunning landscape. jokingly speaking Bali offers companion, and anything which you wouldn’t be able to get back home. Apparently it seems as long as you’re tall and white everyone will easily attach to you like a puppy.

Don’t be surprised when people cat calling ” mister” or  ” how are you”, they’re just trying to be polite and ask you whether you’re interested in buying whatever they sell. Multiple times we got offer with items like ” condom” and  ” viagra” well you name it. They did that even while i was driving my motorbike as they shout from the pavement. I simply ignored and rode away.

” Bon dieau, these people” that’s what often comes from my mouth.

These writings are purely based on our experience while traveling to Bali, each of us might get different experience or exposure due the neighborhood which we chose to stay.So people feel free to always write and share your experience to the world as it cost nothing to simply tell the truth and its peculiarity.

Have a safe travel and have a great time







Seven days in Island of gods| Part VI

Honestly, it’s been quite sometimes since I updated my blog post due a lot of movements I made in the middle of February.  I was preoccupied and now i am back with more exciting stories to share.However, I am going to finish off my Bali experience before moving onto my Jogja trip which was equally incredible.

19 January – 20 January

Bali started to feel like home

Every night, we walked through the grocery store only to fill our cart with beers and yogurt. It feels as if this Island offers more than just stunning landscapes but also freedom. A freedom which an Indonesian normally doesn’t have back home. Beer are easy to get here. The common drink among foreigners is Bintang; a local made beer which in my opinion would be rated 2.  There are many better options with the same price even cheaper yet these foreigners pick Bintang over anything else.

in our last days visit, we decided to try one more indoor activity which is 3D museum art. It is unlike other art museum where you can only enjoy and walk through abstracts painting; wondering the symbolization and all of that artsy stuff. In this place, You don’t need to use your brain, all you need is simply full energy to enjoy all of the painting.

DMZ 3D  ( Dream Museum Zone) is located in Jalan nakula, quite easy to spot on especially if you use google map. The place provide vast parking lot and a small restaurant just next to it. Don’t forget to dress up nicely and bring your camera because it’ll be all about pictures and YOU. They provide assistant who will guide your poses and also taking your pictures; They are experts on this so trust them.

We had fun time over here, we took lots of pictures but mine turned out bad caused by my awkward and inability to pose in front of the camera. I prefer to be a photographer instead being a model. It didn’t take much to spend time over this place and next we headed to indian restaurant.

As always, we looked up on google about Indian restaurant and we found one which seemed to be authentic. we ordered cheese naan, curry and biriyani rice which was served in a small place like a jug. It was mouthful and filling after an exhausting day exercising at DMZ 3D.

It was simply a very hot day in Bali and as we stepped out of the restaurant, we felt as if we’re going to ended up as ashes. With Indian food going on in our stomach and the weather, it was too much to handle so as soon as we reached the hotel, we took a shower.

The next day, we decided to only visit domino in the morning and take an evening walk to visit Mexican restaurant we’ve been looking for. It was located in Jalan Kartika, lined up among other restaurants. dining in Mexican restaurant was incredibly amusing. They had their staff dancing all over the place to entertain the diners while they can also be involved. They served great nacho, taco and quesadillas. The waitress dressed up to spice up the vibe and there was one customer who couldn’t get his hands off to one of the waitress. He was in late fifty and spreading his flirtatious words among the waitress which made my boyfriend and I joke over his acts. the truth is that,  you can get laid on pretty easy in Bali, don’t worry about your look or age, cause it doesn’t matter.

so, that’s all folks

Bon Voyage



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How to Extend Tourist Visa on Arrival in Indonesia

11 February 2017

Note : Each rules in Immigration office might be different, so it’s best to check their website. However, sometimes what’s written in the website is rather confusing. This article is written based on current experience while extending a VOA ( visa on arrival) in Indonesia.

Visa on arrival is given to 62 countries by paying  35$ after you land through several major airports or harbor in Indonesia. Unlike free visa, VOA is extendable up to the next 30 days. Meanwhile, Free visa is given to 90 countries for only 30 days stay and non extendable.

Dealing with Indonesian government officers can be exhausting so it’s best to add up some patience in your vocabulary otherwise you can use VOA agent service but of course it’ll cost.

I browsed over google  but unable to find a correct ways to do visa extension as it was outdated and the rule have changed. After I browsed, I decided to use the suggestions on those website to be our basic guidelines.

We extended a week before the visa expires, This is important. It is best to do it seven days before the visa expire because it’ll take about 3-4 days work day to process your request. We picked Yogyakarta as our choice to extend the visa. There isn’t much applicants so likely it’s faster than in Bali or Jakarta. However, be ready with bitter service and lack of good explanation, especially if you don’t speak Bahasa Indonesia.

Here are several things which you need to extend VOA in Indonesia

  1.  Photocopy of your front page passport
  2. Your passport ( this will be held in immigration for the process)
  3.  Photocopy of your  VOA page
  4.   Your VOA receipt
  5.  Photocopy of your return ticket
  6.  A form which is obtained in the immigration and free
  7.  And A pen to fill out the form 🙂

According to several blogs we read, they wrote that we need a sponsor,a local resident who is willing to give us the signature and guarantee our stay in Indonesia. So based on this, we decided to contact our bestfriend and asked for her photocopy ID (KTP) and asked her to come with us to the immigration offices to make things simple.

important note :  Come as early as possible for the first day and dress properly  par example, in yogyakarta, you have to wear long pants with t-shirt.  Even in the main gate, there’ll be a sign of ” How to dress” and what not.

Day 1

We entered the immigration office around 9 which was already overcrowded by Indonesian who apply for passport. We asked the front officer about extending a visa. Then, they lead us to the special room for foreigners. Before that, don’t forget to pick queue number. Next,  we filled the form which was given by the front officer and also attached  necessary documents along with our sponsor ID card.  Then, We went back inside and put the map on the stack and wait.

Suddenly, the officer call us up and said that we don’t need to fill the sponsor name and sponsor related field because our purpose of staying is tourism. Then, we picked a new form and filled it with information but leaving the sponsor section. Next, the officer gave us a receipt which was written a date of when we should return to take a photograph and the passport.

The  bottom line is if you visit as a Tourist, you don’t need a sponsor.

Day 2

Since we applied on Thursday,  The officer asked us to be back on tuesday as Saturday and Sunday they are closed. This time, all we have to do is back to the counter, confirmed our receipt, and make payment in the cashier located inside the office. As soon as we’ve done the payment they will ask us  to wait for photograph and fingerprint scanning. We were waiting about half hour to get the things done. As we finished taking photograph and fingerprint, the officer asked us to be back on the next day exactly at 1 pm

Day 3

Finally, all we have to do is placing the payment receipt on the stacks and wait for our name to be called. after the officer called our name, all you have to do is write your name and the passport number on their books. Voila, you get your passport back  and ready to begin other adventure in Indonesia.


1. The officers speak limited English which is difficult for us to understand. Especially to fill in some form. To avoid unnecessary things, just follow what they say.

2.  Best to bring water, lunch and full charged phone because it’ll be boring

3. Be fearless because sometimes they can be bitter.

4. Proper dressing seems to be a thing, and you have to follow it but you’re maybe ” OK” to wear sandals as it won’t be visible from the counter

5. Again, You don’t need a sponsor for Tourism Purpose.


Bon voyage











Seven days in island of gods| Part V

18 january 2017

We explored our surroundings in our fifth day in Bali. In the morning we decided not to take breakfast from the hotel and went to domino instead. Fortunately, The hotel is near to KFC, Domino and several convenient stores. It was a sunny day and the road was slight busy. It didn’t take long for us to walk as it was only 0.80 km away. As soon as we entered the domino, my boyfriend spotted a blondie girl with cycle helmet and vegan tattoo on her wrist, her knee and the shoulders. We were assuming that she was a vegan and she mesmerized us by eating at Domino which obviously a highly processed food plus, less healthier and from that point of view, my boyfriend and i looked at each other in an awe.

As we finished ordering our pizza, we took a seat near the window and that girl was sitting outside the restaurant while waiting her order. I put on music while my boyfriend was reading something on his mobile. Nothing special until once her order got delivered and sat back on her chair. What she did next, got us surprised!

She opened the pizza box and suddenly rose up from her chair. She took the pizza box and placed it on the fuckin dirty floor. We were really surprised and decided to watch her further action. Then, she grabbed her phone and took picture of it. She took several  pictures from different angle and our expression that time was priceless. Next, she got up with the pizza box and sat back then she typed something along with its picture. She opened the box and ate only two pizza then throw the rest on the garbage.

He and i told our friends about that and his friend thought it was an indonesian who did that, but no! she wasn’t indonesian. I get it  that Indonesian or Asian in general is stereotyped  as the kind who take pictures of every single food they’ve consume yet that proves us something different.

As we finished our brunch, we decided to try an indoor activities which we previously googled and our choice goes to Totem room escape. We picked indoor activities because he kinda dislike going outdoor in the heat. uh, well Bali is frickkin hot even I can’t stand the heat.

Totem room escape is a reality escape room which will pump your adrenaline and test your patience plus intelligence to solve  puzzles and mystery. There are several rooms with different levels. We picked the second hardest room which is Kidnapped room. It is a room with a story plot of kidnapping and a murder. It was scary enough and quite dark inside with scattered books, fake bloods, cold room and a ticking bomb sound. It freaked the hell out of me. If you go with little kids, I recommend something easier like Alice in wonderland. Sadly, We weren’t able to solve all of the puzzles. By the end of the game, They took polaroid picture of us and asked us to stick it on their wall along with other pictures. We really had fun time there, especially when i jumped in scare due to sudden and shocking sound of exploding bomb.

On the way back to our hotel, we passed through jalan seminyak. There was a traffic jam and i tried to drive very slowly to avoid colliding with another vehicles. As i struggled my way out there, i spotted several bare naked foreigners riding the motorbike savagely and yelling shit as if the road was himself. I raised my eyebrows and turned back to look at my boyfriend.

It is such a struggle sometimes to pass jalan seminyak and the surroundings especially in night and afternoon. The road is small but overcrowded with motorbike and taxis. Goddammit, the taxi in Bali drive slowly as a snail and it is pain in the ass. Surprisingly, there is no excessive honks and almost none is yelling shit to one another or being asked to move faster. Again, the road in Bali is lethal, be ready to die anytime.

Bali is like a whole different world unattached to Indonesia stereotype. it is truly a heaven on earth. Even some would know Bali but not Indonesia. I even would love to settle there because well, we can get beer and pork easily. Apart from that, they just don’t give a damn about your religion or your story.




Transportation in Indonesia | an intermezzo

10 February 2017

So, you’ve decided to visit Indonesia and now you’re doing a research on how to commute from one place to another, here i will tell you optional ways to easily commute in Indonesia apart from conventional taxi or renting a motorbike.

are you afraid of being cheated on price ?

are you afraid of being taken somewhere else which isn’t your destination?

As a foreigner, sometimes those question sparks our mind, and here i will tell you several ways to commute along with tips and trick. First of all, you need an internet connection and Indonesian phone number. After both requirements met, you’re good to go.

Online transportation is a flourishing business in Indonesia. It is now becoming a choice to commute while in Indonesia. Here are the list of online transportation which you can try to use while commuting in Indonesia.

  1. Go jek

Go Jek is an online based transportation which offer   commuting service by motorbike or car. It also offers food service, courier ,ticketing  and etc. To experience Go jek,All you have to do is download the application in playstore or appstore. Then register your number and an email ,voila! you are good to go.

Go Jek  is available in major cities such as  Jakarta, Bandung, Bali, Surabaya, Makassar, Yogyakarta, Medan, Semarang, Palembang, and Balikpapan.

So, in the main page you’ll see several options as in Go ride, Go car, Go food, and etc.



on the left you can see the main page.


To use motorbike service all you have to do is  click the Go-Ride.  Next, Pin point your pick up place and your destination.


There are two type of payment: Go pay or Cash, As a foreigner, the option you have is Cash, so don’t  worry. You only have to pay the amount based on the application. And In the end of the journey, you have to rate the driver from one to five stars.


in terms of price, it’s cheaper than conventional transportation plus you don’t have to bargain or haggle. If you’re lucky, you can get english speaking rider, or driver especially in cities like Bali or Yogyakarta.

2. Grab Car

Grab car is a car service which allows you to pick three different services. There are grab car, Grab taxi, and Grab rental. The unique thing from Grab rental is that you can rent a car for 6 hours with fixed price, fuel and driver included. Just like any other online transportation, you have to download the application, register yourself and you’re good to go. according to its main site, Grabcar is available only in Jakarta and denpasar Bali, however, it is now also available in Yogyakarta. There are three types of payment, with Grab Pay,  Credit/debit card, or Cash. However, I personally haven’t tried this because there aren’t many cars in my area.

3. Uber


Well, i bet people is familiar with Uber but in Indonesia we  have Uber motorbike. Uber is available in 6 cities ; Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Bali, Malang and Yogyakarta. My boyfriend and I tried uber while at Bali and it’s definitely cheaper than a conventional taxi, the rider will call us to make confirmation of order and will pick us up. Usually there’s a slight delay due to traffic so patience is all you need. From our experience using uber in Bali, there are some spot which uber driver won’t pick you up or won’t go because the local has put a sign which prohibit uber driver to pick up or drop off a passenger. However, we are glad with our experience in using Uber while at Bali. Uber Car doesn’t available in yogyakarta, however they have Uber motorbike which is currently growing in number.

4. Say Taxi

Okay so this application is available in Orlando, Tampa, cocoa, Miami, klang Valley ( malaysia), San jose (Costa Rica) and Combaitore ( india) and in Indonesia it is in Yogyakarta.

This is actually an  online application integrated with conventional taxi .The only difference is that you can book it online although the price would be on Taximeter. The application only estimate the price but it’s not a fixed price sometimes, it can be more cheaper or more expensive.

The cars range from blue , black, white chevrolet and also a toyota alphard. We use this taxi a lot because it’s reliable and the drivers are friendly plus we don’t have to call, just do it online and someone will pick us up. Just like a normal taxi, we can ask them to stop or wait for us while we are shopping.

So those are the online transportation which can be your optional choices while in Indonesia. However, you need to have patience while waiting for the driver or rider to pick you up, due to traffic jam and long red lights in Indonesia. I hope it helps and for further information, comment below or simply visit their main website

Bon voyage