South East Asia 101|Street Foods

Disclaimer : This article is written  based on current experience living in SEA. It is written in order to help foreigners who have just landed themselves in SEA.

South East Asia is known for its Tropical beauty,Cultural diversity, also beaufiful warm loving people. However, to get the truly taste and experience of SEA you have to dive in into its food. Especially its Street Food.

Countries like Thailand, Cambodia and Indonesia, offer extreme meal which you wouldn’t be able to find back home. To name a few, there are fried lizard, Cockroach, Bats, Snake, Scorpion, and other insects. Besides, There are also other local meals which are sold over street vendors.

Street vendors said to have the most authenthic taste compared to chef made. However, it lacks of hygiene and health standarization made foreigner to think  billion times before buying. And that is why, I am writing this to help you avoid food poisoning which likely will ruin your holiday plans.

There are several things to do in order to avoid food poisoning while traveling throughout SEA :

1. Choose newly fresh cooked meal
     Never settle for food that was left sitting for a long time especially if that is not properly covered. As flies, insect and bacteria might perch on it and will cause  food poisoning especially for rather sensitive stomach.
2.   Avoid raw peeled fruit
     SEA is full of exotic fruit you might have not tasted back  at your home. However, If you are tempted to try their local fruits, always buy the fresh one from the market. Instead buying it from street vendor who sell peeled raw fruit.
3. Go to crowd street vendors
    This is very important, the more people are buying it, the more they are trusted. It also has higher chance that it tasted pretty good.. It is better to play safe rather than getting sick for days so don’t mind about the queueing part, it is worth your safety.
5.  Prepare some medication
     Last but not least,Precautions is always the best. It is advised to pack medications especially for stomach problems because food poisoning is on the edge and can happen anytime. This is often happen to traveler who only just landed in SEA. Your stomach, needs to adjust with the spices and the level of spiciness . It might take sometime but in meantime, precautions are needed.
4.  Know the food ingredients
     Before deciding to buy a food from street vendor, observe how they cook and the ingredients.Street food has higher probability of getting us sick especially when it comes to fried ingredients. Take your time, do not rush in order buying the food. they wouldn’t mind anyway if you just watch and pass by.





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