Heroine,Fairytale and a Game

Disclaimer : She’s currently high on coffee…
I come across realization that in every 9/10 songs with female singer portray a woman as a victim.

They are objectified as the one who loves deeply, hurt badly, cheated on, lied on well anything you can think of as a victim. However, when it comes to male singer, woman will be objectified as someone they can get laid on, who causes their heartbreak, alcoholism, and a huge change; in a negative or positive way. Most of us probably don’t care about a song lyrics as much as i do. I care about it because it speak about us to some extend when we have no more words to explain our feelings. This little thing won’t matter a lot to you but i write it anyway so you can learn a bit.
It’s not only in lyrical songs, but also in novels. Look at how many books whose author is female and glorify the male character as if he’s a knight in a shining armor saved the girl from whatever messed up that is. It still surprised me that these girls or women keep buying this stories to unconsciously feed their daydream fairytale. They know it won’t happen, it never will, not in a million years. It’s not like some famous CEO bumped into a small town girl who tried to make ends meet and fell in love because she bite her lips. These projections, have somehow sparked stereotypes for women and how men perceive them.Wake up people.
Although,to be honest, i am that kind of author too, feeding your daydream fairytale.
Once, I used to believe in fairytale of life, not that kind of child story thing but more like the projection of it. However, by time i grow up there’s no fucking fairytale it just about how good you tell the story and show it off to people. which Now, social media has made it easier.
 Click- Upload- Repeat.
 If you only scroll through social media to say ” I wish my life like this, that, her, him, they” I beg you to stop.
You simply doesn’t know the ugly truth behind it all, that they are actually the same like you. The pain and all of that feelings. Nothing comes easy in this life as portrayed in some of love stories, a best book seller. It is some kind of exaggeration of life, where author write ” their life projection, of things they would love to have”. Let me tell you that every book is personal, There’s always part of the author projection and our inner feelings that even it’s called fiction, our closed ones would notice it was not.
Don’t worry, that just how life is, good and bad thing aligning like a Zen creating balance in a game we called ” who has it better”
Well, I have told you, this little thing won’t matter to you. Unless you use your brain to sit in an empty room, away from the crowds, projecting life and having some deep shit.

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