Another night, different place, different reality

Things come like a line of beautiful polaroid pictures sticked on the wall

One night, among the other sixty nights.She stared at him who was busy playing on his tablet. It was some kind of routine, He plays games or watch videos . Though she know a little , that didn’t stop her to constantly stare at him. It was always a silence between them, just the sound of some French Youtuber filled out the room almost every night. Unless she felt the urge to say something and crying, facing the wall;he would then say something. It was maybe her fault, to bottled things up. She just couldn’t hurt him, the fact she knew everything and loved him.

How would she dare to question a perfection?

His flaws and imperfections were seen as perfection. He was a masterpiece; Sculptured in form of beautiful blue eyes and curly golden crisp hair. She loved staring at those blue eyes, not only those were beautiful yet it also sparked some sort of serenity. Little did he know, she expected him to always look her eye to eye.And every single word comes from his mouth soothed her, more than anything she could have ever known, more than the beer, the coffee or the music.

Before they went to sleep, was the favorite time of hers. He let her chose the playlist and play it loud. As she let the dress falling piece to piece into the ground,He followed her and curved his lips. Sometimes, he shouted ” Wait for me”. The shower, was rather small for both of them to fit in.

” move a bit” he said while trying to enter the shower. She obliged him, just like a puppy; as she always does. She let him took control of everything.

She would dance along the flowing hot water, matching the rhyme and closed her eyes. It was something eternal, something that gave her piece of mind, reassurance and sense of belonging. She had it all, almost everyday. And never ever she would trade every gold with those moments. Seeing the water flowing through his body, the other side of him which nobody ever knew. How he looked perfectly gorgeous with a wet hair. His reddish cheeks.

It always took them more than half hour, to talk inside the shower. It was always college bullshit, plans, revealing a tiny bit of theirs, she loved it. She let him took control of her hair, telling her ” let me do it for you”. She loved it. The way she smile while he took care of her hair. did he notice how happy she was? how effortlessly she curved her lips?.

like a child, sometimes she would giggle and smiled facing him. Then she would turned around swaying her bottom to turned back. He knew, he read mind. Her mind. They would go on and on,alongside the hot water fogged up the shower door. She would draw a big heart, which looked like love. Yet the devilish part of her draw something else and again, he read her. It was always ritual.

As soon as they finished and the water still flowing in her tiny little body, she grabbed the towel and tried to dry herself. He looked at her, frowned and snatched the towel. ” Let me do it for you”. He covered her hair with a huge towel of his and grind. He loved this, hearing her complain ” ouch! my tiny head”. Soon as things done, they would go again,in a their own world. Silence then creep into them, sometimes she fell asleep to that. That was why, she loved that moment the most. The eternity, nothing but them. No phone, No distraction, just both of them in a small shower cabin, revealing each other more.

Just another night, another reality when she missed those moments. When she missed talking without being misunderstood.


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