The Power of Instagram Hashtag | Attracting more Audience

Disclaimer : This article is written under the same topic about ” Decoding Digital Marketing Through Instagram”. The truth is that there is no easy way to earn nickel and dime, only hard work and perseverance will do.

The Little Thing Called Hashtag
I know  the term Hashtag  from Twitter. In that twitter era, People are becoming more and more familiar with the use of hashtag which is symbolized by this ” #”. Earlier that is used to symbolize the word ” number”. Now,it has becoming more than just a symbolization. The hashtag serve purpose to classify  topic so people can easily look up to it.Unlike twitter who use hashtag to show trending topic, Instagram use the hashtag to classify the images under the same topic.
The Dummy Way to Understand Hashtag : Hashtag 101
Now, Here is the dummy way to understand hashtag in Instagram: Let’s imagine we are going to bookstore, There are thousand books stacked to be picked. Now, as a reader, we stepped into the bookstore and think ” What kind of book should i get?”.Then, we have decided our genre,let’s say ” fan-fiction”.That doesn’t stop there, It has several books with the same genre and our eyes goes to the famous author or the nicest book cover; the one that is outstanding among the rest. Here are two option, if we picked based on famous author, we definitely ended up buying it because it is likely guaranteed to be good. Here’s what happen if we pick a book based on the cover, we can either just like them, or ended up buying it because it offers nice story. And that my friend, is the simple analogy of how it works.
The like button is equal to a simple like.  We only like it because the image  is visually interesting. We simply don’t care and do not even bother to check the content. However, If we ended up buying it ( remember the book analogy),means we will follow them, comment, and give like on their account because it is interesting.
Now, you might be wondering so what is the power of it?
Let’s now move on to the important part of this article
Revealing The Power of Hashtag
I was never a hashtag abuser, i simply post a picture and put some related hashtag and it will only get roughly 15 to 20 likes. Then, i learned to put some unique or popular hashtags. Then Voila! people started to like my images and they follow me for whatever reason that is.
Truth is, Hashtag can land you to get a prospective buyer, prospective audience, business partner or a friend. Yet it can also be a way for you to create self branding by customizing and popularizing your own hashtag. Here are the ways to optimize the power of hashtag if you trying to woo more audience :
 1. Know Your Target
  Who you are targeting to?Post a picture with relevant hashtag that will land you to people who has the same interest or a prospective business partner. If you only aim to get likes, put one or two popular hashtag so people can recognize your post although it is irrelevant.
2. Know Your Timing
 Timing is important especially with million users who keep updating post with the same hashtag. this is also related to the first one.As far as my observation, People tend to open Instagram during their lunch break, Afternoon, before dinner, and also before people go to sleep.
3. Customize Your Own Hastags
 This is for public figures who wants to create self branding image. You can create your own unique hashtag and use it daily. However make this hashtag general and don’t be to specific as if you’re being self centered.Who knows, it could be one of popular hastags
4. Post appealing Images
People are visual, They love seeing cute cats, beautiful beaches in Bahama or a simple artistic flower. However, your picture has to be still relevant to your description. It has to standout among the rest. You will get roughly less than 5 to 6 minutes for your picture to stay in top of the hashtags search.So,make the most of it before it goes down buried among other pictures. Although people will search pictures through hashtags, they will only check the one which is appealing, unique and creative.
5.  Placing The Hashtag
This is important especially when you want to put various hashtag at the same time. Do not put hashtag straight away, instead create intriguing question or a relevant caption. It doesn’t have to be long because your goals is to make them check whatever service or things you’re offering. The hashtag should be put down, a bit further away from the caption but not too long. Keep in mind about placing the most relevant and popular hashtag.
In conclusion, Hashtag has so much more to over and more than you can imagine. Now it is only up to you to decide how to manage your hashtag. Do not be afraid to be called hashtag abuser. There will always be haters everywhere, no matter how good or how hard you work. But do not  forget to keep consistency of your content and follower which then i will write later under the same series of ” Decoding Digital Marketing Through Instagram”.

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