Seven days in island of gods| Final chapter




21 January 2017


One more day before college start!!

The last day at Bali….

My boyfriend and I spent amazing week in Bali, we got to know each other more. We had  little fuss all the way especially when it comes about direction. I was the one who drive and he was my navigator. I sometimes couldn’t hear him so i often missed place or  a turn over.

Bali is simply amazing, i could never get enough of it and wished to settle there for like 2 or 3 years then move to another place where it is as equal as heaven.

The only thing i did in the morning was packing and voila! we carried excessive baggage. We did simple shopping because we weren’t carrying enough clothes and we have to buy and dressed up like a tourist. We also purchased some Balinese coffee. We came earlier to the airport  and roamed around. It was actually a bad idea because there was nothing much to do other than visiting the shops and walk around from one corner to another. I got so bored here while waiting for the flight  while my boyfriend spend a lot in the toilet.

When it comes to eating, it’s like a lottery, especially for a traveler who wished to try food from street stall. They should be careful, prepare your diarrhea medicine as early as possible. Also, bring your own napkin as it is always the best option since most of restaurants are bit stingy. I think people need to increase their hygiene level because it’s bit uncomfortable getting sickness while traveling.

If you come from colder countries, never ever forget a sunscreen and sunburn lotion, you will need and rely on this a lot. We really regret to not bring those items with us and as a result, we got sunburn and didn’t even seem to heal any sooner.

Bali definitely worth your time and your money. It offers more than just a stunning landscape. jokingly speaking Bali offers companion, and anything which you wouldn’t be able to get back home. Apparently it seems as long as you’re tall and white everyone will easily attach to you like a puppy.

Don’t be surprised when people cat calling ” mister” or  ” how are you”, they’re just trying to be polite and ask you whether you’re interested in buying whatever they sell. Multiple times we got offer with items like ” condom” and  ” viagra” well you name it. They did that even while i was driving my motorbike as they shout from the pavement. I simply ignored and rode away.

” Bon dieau, these people” that’s what often comes from my mouth.

These writings are purely based on our experience while traveling to Bali, each of us might get different experience or exposure due the neighborhood which we chose to stay.So people feel free to always write and share your experience to the world as it cost nothing to simply tell the truth and its peculiarity.

Have a safe travel and have a great time







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