Seven days in island of gods| Part V

18 january 2017

We explored our surroundings in our fifth day in Bali. In the morning we decided not to take breakfast from the hotel and went to domino instead. Fortunately, The hotel is near to KFC, Domino and several convenient stores. It was a sunny day and the road was slight busy. It didn’t take long for us to walk as it was only 0.80 km away. As soon as we entered the domino, my boyfriend spotted a blondie girl with cycle helmet and vegan tattoo on her wrist, her knee and the shoulders. We were assuming that she was a vegan and she mesmerized us by eating at Domino which obviously a highly processed food plus, less healthier and from that point of view, my boyfriend and i looked at each other in an awe.

As we finished ordering our pizza, we took a seat near the window and that girl was sitting outside the restaurant while waiting her order. I put on music while my boyfriend was reading something on his mobile. Nothing special until once her order got delivered and sat back on her chair. What she did next, got us surprised!

She opened the pizza box and suddenly rose up from her chair. She took the pizza box and placed it on the fuckin dirty floor. We were really surprised and decided to watch her further action. Then, she grabbed her phone and took picture of it. She took several  pictures from different angle and our expression that time was priceless. Next, she got up with the pizza box and sat back then she typed something along with its picture. She opened the box and ate only two pizza then throw the rest on the garbage.

He and i told our friends about that and his friend thought it was an indonesian who did that, but no! she wasn’t indonesian. I get it  that Indonesian or Asian in general is stereotyped  as the kind who take pictures of every single food they’ve consume yet that proves us something different.

As we finished our brunch, we decided to try an indoor activities which we previously googled and our choice goes to Totem room escape. We picked indoor activities because he kinda dislike going outdoor in the heat. uh, well Bali is frickkin hot even I can’t stand the heat.

Totem room escape is a reality escape room which will pump your adrenaline and test your patience plus intelligence to solve  puzzles and mystery. There are several rooms with different levels. We picked the second hardest room which is Kidnapped room. It is a room with a story plot of kidnapping and a murder. It was scary enough and quite dark inside with scattered books, fake bloods, cold room and a ticking bomb sound. It freaked the hell out of me. If you go with little kids, I recommend something easier like Alice in wonderland. Sadly, We weren’t able to solve all of the puzzles. By the end of the game, They took polaroid picture of us and asked us to stick it on their wall along with other pictures. We really had fun time there, especially when i jumped in scare due to sudden and shocking sound of exploding bomb.

On the way back to our hotel, we passed through jalan seminyak. There was a traffic jam and i tried to drive very slowly to avoid colliding with another vehicles. As i struggled my way out there, i spotted several bare naked foreigners riding the motorbike savagely and yelling shit as if the road was himself. I raised my eyebrows and turned back to look at my boyfriend.

It is such a struggle sometimes to pass jalan seminyak and the surroundings especially in night and afternoon. The road is small but overcrowded with motorbike and taxis. Goddammit, the taxi in Bali drive slowly as a snail and it is pain in the ass. Surprisingly, there is no excessive honks and almost none is yelling shit to one another or being asked to move faster. Again, the road in Bali is lethal, be ready to die anytime.

Bali is like a whole different world unattached to Indonesia stereotype. it is truly a heaven on earth. Even some would know Bali but not Indonesia. I even would love to settle there because well, we can get beer and pork easily. Apart from that, they just don’t give a damn about your religion or your story.




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