Seven days in island of gods| part IV

17 january 2017

we woke up to  a sunny day with moderate temperature as we decided to visit a cultural park and a temple. According to google it was located 30 mins ride from our hotel and as usual, we finished our breakfast and get ourselves ready. We completely dressed like a tourist with T-shirt printed Balinese dance and pattern. We thought it wasn’t hot so we didn’t apply any sunscreen.

The road in bali is lethal, as if none care whether they’d be alive or dead the next day. This was a whole new experience as i live in java where the police road are strict. In bali, you can ride around without a helmet, as i witness several rider myself, well maybe this only applies to locals not foreigners nor other than balinese. I have to drive very carefully though my boyfriend said my driving skill is totally awful. I couldn’t agree more, as i am still traumatized by an accident i had last year and that bring a huge impact.

Okay, so we drove to visit Garuda Wisnu Kencana, unfinished cultural park but still worth to visit for seeing bali above the ground. In this park you can see a 75.5 ft high statue of Vishnu and a Garuda, a mythical bird companion of Vishnu. In this park, you can also see a lotus pond and a balinese theatrical performance. The entrance ticket for foreigners is about 100 Idr all included. But for those who love to do adventure, don’t put this on your list because it’ll completely waste your time.

Next, we visited pura uluwatu, a temple which was built at the edge of 70 meter rocks facing towards the sea. The entrance ticket for this temple is about 15000 idr rupiah. before entering the temple, the visitors have to wear a cloth to cover their knee;This is to respect the holy place. The temple is inhibited by naughty monkeys who will fearlessly steal your belongings, so if you decide to visit this place it’s best to be extra careful with glasses, cute sandals, keychain or your camera. However, don’t worry as you’ll have 30% chance to get your things back as the temple provide “monkey whisperer”, they are the people that can control the monkey and knows their habit very well. let alone the monkey, you will be mesmerized by the ocean view and the magnificent temple.  I really recommend this place to be in one of your list while visiting bali.

As we return to our hotel room, we just realized that we got a sunburn. I got a sunburn all over my face and hands meanwhile he got sunburn around his neck, hands and knee. So that night, we decided to buy sunscreen and sunburn cream. We had a fun time over the park and pura uluwatu.



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