Seven days in Island of Gods | Part III

16  January 2017

We finally get our motorbike in our third day in Bali s

Soon after we finished our daily breakfast at hotel. It is only a typical western breakfast: a bread and a jam. to be honest I barely felt full so i have always eat a bit too much during lunch or earlier, blame my asian tummy. We started our journey at 9 and reached the office about fifteen minutes after. fast forward, we finished our business there and standing clueless outside the office.

” where do you want to go?” i asked

” I don’t know, you’re the indonesian”  he replied while brushing off his hair

” okay, let’s back to hotel and figure something out”

I decided to go back to hotel and  we went back to our room. Most of attraction sites are located farther from the city well because mainly they are beaches and mountain.  I googled over places which we should visit through tripadvisor but nothing sparks our curiosity. So we decided to look for restaurant for dinner and he found one over jl kartika.

Jl kartika in bali is lined up with restaurants and bar and  as crowded as legian or seminyak. There we find El Greco, a restaurant which served Greek food. To reach our destination,we relied on google maps a lot and i often find myself taking a U turn because we missed the place. Just like El Greco, it was a small restaurant located in Jl kartika and to spotted it, we have to ride very slowly until we find a small blue board sign with the restaurant name.

So,This was my first time tasting a Greek food. We went there because he wants to eat kebab and it said to have the best kebab in town. As i parked the motorbike on the road, The owner greeted us and asked whether we want to dine in or take away.The place has a romantic ambient with several cushions table set and pictures of Greece hanged on the wall. We ordered quite a lot , a complete buffet: appetizer, main course and desert. The owner chatted every now and then to make sure we have a great experience at his place. By the end of our dinner, they served us a complimentary drink which tasted like a mixture of lemon and a beer. From what i have observed, several guest were already regular and they keep coming back when they are in Bali. To sum up everything, we enjoyed our dinner here, we got ourselves very full and we satisfy our sweet tooth.However, that restaurant was the most expensive one while we stayed at Bali. We ended the day by feeling accomplished and full.




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